Run Resen Locally

To simplify working with docker and docker containers, the resen command line tool was developed. Resen abstracts away all of the docker command stuff, so that scientists can focus on being scientists instead of container managment experts. Under the hood, resen automatically pulls the resen-core from dockerhub, starts a container, and manages the jupyterlab server. This tool is available to install and run locally. Current features include:

Get Started

Installation and usage instructions are available on the readthedocs page. We highly recommend you refer to this documentation as you get started with resen.


Some basic tutorial are available to help you get started with python and doing data analysis in Resen. To access these tutorials, download them from the resen-core github page and save them in a directory on your local machine, then mount that directory to a bucket.

Please contact us with feedback and questions, or open an issue on github.