Python Packages Available in Resen

Resen comes with the following python packages installed and ready to use:

Package Version Application Source
aacgmv2 2.5.2 AACGM magnetic coordinate system
apexpy 1.0.3 Apex magnetic coordinate system
basemap 1.2.0 Mapping
bokeh 1.0.4 Interactive visualization library
cartopy 0.17.0 Mapping
davitpy 0.8 SuperDARN data analysis
h5py 2.9.0 HDF5 binary data format
ipython 5.8.0 Interactive computing with jupyter
madrigalweb 3.1.10 Accessing the Madrigal database
mangopy 0.1 MANGO data analysis
matplotlib 2.2.4 Basic plotting
netcdf4 1.4.3 netCDF4 data format
numpy 1.16.2 Numerical array handling
pandas 0.24.2 Data analysis
pyglow 0.0.0 Upper atmosphere climatological models
pymongo 3.7.2 Tools for working with MongoDB
scipy 1.2.1 Advanced mathematical operations
sciunit2 0.4.post3.dev95073526 Package computational experiments for reproducability
sgp4 1.4 Propagation of satellite TLEs
spacepy 0.2.1 Data analysis tools for space-based datasets
sqlalchemy 1.3.1 Database tool kit
sympy 1.1 Symbolic computation
tables 3.5.1 HDF5 binary data format