Resen Online

Resen online provides a way for you to try out resen without installing any software; all you need is a web browser! Using the online system, you will be able to access a variety of community-developed geospace packages, experiment with your own data and scripts, and access test data and tutorials to help you learn how to work with the new software.

Signing up for Resen Online

In order to use Resen Online, you need to have an InGeO account. You can create one by following these steps:


  1. Go to the signup form here
  2. Fill in all the fields to sign up for an account
  3. Check for an email with subject: "Activate your InGeo account", open it, and click "Activate"
  4. Sign in to your new InGeo account
  5. It may be nessesary to click on the "Start My Server" button.
  6. Some python tutorial notebooks are provided to help get you started. Go to examples/tutorials.

Youtube Video Tutorial:

This tutorial video can help you sign up for an InGeo account!